Posted August 1, 2021 at 12:00 pm

Hawk merely looked down into Numair's green eyes for a moment, his hands cradling Numair's face gently. Then he said, "I've had a real bad year, Mari. But this is the best I've felt in--" he hesitated, the morning light showing through the edges of his outstretched feathers, "jeez. So long. I dunno how to say it, but it's somethin', to know I ain't...busted."

He smiled then, a genuine, full, crooked smile, and admitted, "I dunno what I'm sayin'. I guess you can already see all a' what I mean, though, can't you?"

Numair's eyes widened. "Y--! You--" Hawk looked somewhat confused for an instant, before Numair reached up and squished his face in his hands. "That smile," he said fiercely, "Na dhya, my heart literally skips a beat every time, do you know? How is it you do that, hm?"

Hawk laughed, and Numair released him, his own expression softening. "I can see, yes," he said gently. "I'm glad."

Hawk caught one of Numair's hands and kissed the heel of his palm, murmuring, "Me too." Then he held Numair's wrists away from him and said more loudly, "Okay. You got to go before I toss you behind this statue an' start kissin' you."

"Oh, what a threat," Numair teased. "May I see you again tomorrow?"

"Can't wait."

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