Posted Sep.23.18 at 03:00 pm

There was still snow on the ground, but pale green leaves were appearing on the dried vines that clung to the walls around the window, and new shoots were sprouting amid the brown grass. A pair of rit browsed the grass in a shaft of morning sunshine that was coming over the wall.

Teige woke in a very small room with a low window; the light was coming in through the crooked reed shade. A rit-shaped brazier at the foot of the mattress was still glowing quietly. He sat up, shuffling the blanket off, and yawned--his face was more or less sheep-like until he did this, exposing instead a set of sharp teeth.

He got up and dressed, trading his undyed sleep pants for undyed underwear, including a binder with blue stitching around the edge of the elastic, or whatever was in it made to compress his chest. He gave himself a peeved sort of glare in the mirror before fetching the rest of his clothes.

The hallway from his room was more or less tidy but unlit, except for what light came in from the glass window above the front door, and what poured in from the kitchen. As Teige entered the kitchen, he said, casually, "Morning there, Parker, Gen."

The kitchen was also small, but full of light, with plants growing up the walls in the corners. A two-tailed cream-colored fox sitting at the table looked up but didn't answer. Parker, in the shape of a strangely elongated striped hyena, and dressed with a little more care than Teige, glanced up from her breakfast. "G'morning," she said.

Teige took the seat next to Parker, reaching across to grab one of the crisps from the box on the table. As he did, Parker looked at him critically.

"You look like shit," she observed.

"Hey thanks, lady," Teige answered sourly. "Didn't sleep well."

He sat back, the crisp getting halfway to his mouth before realizing that there was someone on the ceiling above him--stalking quietly across was a dark grey, somewhat lizard-like creature with a green stripe down their back, apparently sticking quite easily to the ceiling just by their fingers and toes.