Posted October 13, 2019 at 03:00 pm

"The last I recall is thinking," Numair said, as he set down the glass of water, "Ah, the medicine hasn't got time to work. Brilliant. Finally, this has killed me. How did you fix that?"

Hawk didn't look at him, but took a drink. "Aw, I din't do anythin'," he muttered. Numair stared at him.

"That is...not true," he said, seeming puzzled. "Are you a healer...?"

Hawk rolled his eyes at this, and then looked down again, before saying flatly, "I see death. An' I guess," he added, "I can chase it off, sometimes. I chased it off 'a you last night."

Numair sat quite still. There was a rumble of thunder, and a large fork of lightning flickered out of one of the dark clouds. "You...see death," he said slowly, in a way that wasn't completely a question.

Hawk hesitated. "I-I think it is, anyway. I mean, every time I'm around someone who's dyin', I see it. It looks like an owl. That probably sounds insane," he admitted, "but I dunno what else it could be."

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