Posted May 2, 2021 at 12:00 pm

But suddenly Hawk had stood up, and Numair found himself with his arms wrapped around Hawk's neck and his face planted between Hawk's shoulders. He froze up into a strange, mortified silence.

"Y'all right?" Hawk asked him, but Numair just made a muffled noise in answer. Hawk craned his neck a bit to get a glimpse of him. "You sure? I got a good grip on you, see? You ain't gonna fall."

He was holding onto Numair's thighs, right under the knees. Numair's face flushed hotly. "I'm fine," he got out.

Hawk seemed to take that as fact. "Okay," he said, and leaned forward a bit. "Here we go."

The massive wings on either side of Numair unfurled with a shuffling sound, and he shut his eyes tightly. Hawk took a running start, only a few steps--and then he kicked off the ground, and was streaking up into the blue sky.

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