Posted Mar.17.19 at 03:00 pm

Hawk didn't answer this, and the peryton didn't pursue it. They walked in silence until they reached the next street corner, when Hawk stopped.

"Y'know--I just realized somethin'," he said. The peryton paused, looking back. Hawk gave him a sheepish sort of smile. "I don't think I ever got your name."

"Oh! God," the peryton said, now also looking somewhat embarrassed. "I'm Felix."

"Wull it was nice seein' you again, Felix," Hawk said, and offered a hand; with a little shower of golden glowing feathers, Felix took human shape in order to shake it. Hawk then jerked his thumb over his shoulder, and said, "Home's down this way for me, so..."

"Hang on a second!" Felix said quickly, "Why don't you come to dinner? I'm sure everyone would love to see you!"

Hawk looked at him, nonplussed. "'Everyone?'"

She was standing at the sink, bracing a stockpot under the faucet while it filled with water. The window behind the sink was open; outside, the last of the sun was fading, and everything had gone deep purple. She happened to look out, then, past the basil growing on the sill and down at the sidewalk a story or two below, where the small figures of Hawk and Felix were visible approaching.