Posted June 14, 2020 at 12:00 pm

"I thought, perhaps something balloon-based? But then, compensating for movement caused by weather would be..."

"So, what, like a glider type thing instead?" Hawk said, without really thinking. He started, though, when Numair looked around at him questioningly, and pointed up at the buzzard still lazily wheeling around overhead. "Y'know...like that? Somethin' that can adjust to the wind, like."

Numair followed his gesture and spent a silent moment merely watching the buzzard soaring, a shadow trailing beneath it. Thoughtfully, he tapped his lips with the end of his pen, and then very suddenly ducked his head back to his notebook, holding his pen in his teeth while he studied it. Hawk watched in surprise as he then began scribbling something, murmuring mostly to himself as he did.

"Ah, but if...and an orbit would be easier to predict...and the circular motion could lend to the spell itself...could make minute adjustments maybe...but..."

Hawk craned his neck just a little bit to get a look at what was in the notebook. The previous page was written in cramped cursive writing; on the following page, Numair was drawing a simple diagram of an object presumably orbiting above a central point below it, with a notation written in a language Hawk didn't understand at that central point.

Numair fell silent then, for a moment, as though considering something. His pupils, which had contracted back to slits as he worked, slowly relaxed again, as he seemingly reached some decision.

"I like this idea," he told Hawk, who jerked up, startled. "Would you...consider helping me with this?"

"Huh?" Hawk said, nonplussed.

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