Posted August 30, 2020 at 12:00 pm

"I trust you enjoyed your nap," Shinobu said critically as she approached, while the last of the darkness coalesced down in strips. "I take it this lesson is going well, then?"

Teige flailed a bit, caught off guard. "Oh, er," he said, and gave a sort of strained laugh. "Not exactly what, er--" he cleared his throat, "how I intended this to go, no."

Shinobu looked at him with her mouth set, and then rolled her eyes. Teige pushed his forelock out of his eyes, and continued, "I suppose I've gotten a good look at what the issue we're working on here is, though...eh?"

This last bit was directed at Yoshi with a forced air of casualness. Yoshi didn't answer, though. She slowly brought her hands down and wrapped her arms tightly around herself, standing very still. There was a brief silence while both Teige and Shinobu looked at her, and she let out a deep breath.

"I daresay you're done here for today," Shinobu said in a clipped tone. To Yoshi, she said, "Perhaps you should stay here for a bit."

"No," Yoshi replied flatly, not looking at Shinobu. "I just want to go home."

"Are you quite sure?" Shinobu reached a paw out to her, and she very visibly flinched away.

"Y-Yes. I'm sure."

Teige watched this exchange mutely, nonplussed.

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