Posted February 28, 2021 at 12:00 pm

"Until you fix that, all you will be good for is running and dodging. One day you will do that, and expose the people behind you that you are meant to be protecting." Luu paused. Teige said nothing, his headlamp eyes inscrutable. After a moment, Luu shouldered their staff and turned on their heel. "I am done."

They strode away, past Vlad, who said something in Aetherian as they did. Whatever it was, Luu responded flatly, and continued on. Vlad let them go, and glanced back at Teige, who was now standing mutely under the light, looking away. The tufted tip of his tail switched restlessly just above the ground.

He started when Vlad approached and said, "Hey, hon."

"Ah...hey," he replied, a bit caught off guard. "I suppose you heard all that."


"Bit mortifying, ent it," Teige said, making a valiant attempt at a laugh. "Don't reckon I've been told off like that since my mam found out I'd broke four ribs chasing bulls in Spain."

"So, um," Vlad said gently, "What is this actually about?"

Teige stopped putting on the grin and regarded Vlad warily for a moment out of one eye. Then he said experimentally, "If I said it were to do with being a transgender man from a conservative Irish family, and that Luu has got me more sussed out than they realize, would you have any idea what I'm getting at?"

"Not really," Vlad admitted.

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