Posted Sep.10.17 at 03:00 pm

"It's best to keep quiet about it," Vlad said. The alleyway opened onto an empty cobblestone street, and Liya and Yoshi followed close behind Vlad down it.

"Ah, but--" Yoshi spoke up. "The spirits chasing us saw you."

"Yeah, are you gonna be in danger now?" Liya asked.

"Nah," Vlad replied carelessly. "I live in Enodia. They're not gonna follow me home to another world."

Liya started. "Wh-what?! You live in the Archipelago??"

"Oh, yeah." Vlad said, giving her a curious look. "I have dual citizenship."

Liya struggled for a moment, and then said slowly, "I din't know that y-you could just--go back an' forth--"

"How are you, by the way?" Vlad interrupted, not seeming to notice her shock. They were now heading down a stone staircase that ran close in between two darkened buildings, the purple night lights dancing around them. "Maybe I should've checked in sooner after that slaver thing, but I figured since Helly's your sponsor, you'd be well looked-after."

"'M okay," Liya mumbled. "You know Helly?"

"Oh, everyone knows Helly," Vlad answered, waving a hand. "What I wonder, though--"