Posted Apr.15.18 at 03:00 pm
As the last of the bits of light rose and faded from Hawk's hand, he suddenly became aware that the truck's horn was still blaring--and then, that it had stopped.

Aries had reached under the hood with his functioning hand and disconnected the battery, muttering furiously to himself as he did. Everything around him had gone fuzzy and gray to Hawk, but Aries himself was still all in color, looking somehow slightly off-register and glowing.

He turned to face Hawk slowly. Thick black stuff was escaping his eyes and pouring out from beneath his mask and hood and the cloth wrapped tightly around his neck, so much so that it obscured his expression.

"And what the fuck are you lookin' at?" he sneered.

Hawk steeled himself, flexing his talons, but a rattle to his left drew his attention. A semicircle of runes drawn in light had hummed into life beneath the hangar door; it changed shape, and then the hangar door was forced open with a loud sound, crumpling upward in the middle.

The daylight poured in blindingly, haloing four figures in the doorway, lining the edges of crimson uniforms and glinting on the gold accents. One figure crouched, a clawed hand touching the glowing circle at its center; the figure in the center was human, the figures to their left and right much less so.

The human figure was pointing a crossbow, issuing a small column of violet light where an arrow would normally be, directly at Aries.

"Don't move."

Aries, squinting in the bright light, paused. He seemed merely irritated by the interruption.

"Meg," he said, and the animal that was still obediently waiting at the back of the truck stood to attention. "Heel."