Posted September 8, 2019 at 12:00 pm

The house was dark when Vlad came home. A meow came from near his feet as he entered, and he put a finger over his mouth to hush the cat. He had brought with him a pastry of some kind and began munching down on it as he came into the front hallway, but paused in the doorway of the living room, the shape on the couch catching his eye.

He realized it was Hawk, sleeping on the couch, facing away from Vlad with his wings hanging over the edge and trailing on the floor. He barely fit on the furniture, but didn't so much as stir when Vlad had entered.

Vlad left him to this, finishing his pastry and going to throw the wrapper away. When he flipped open the lid of the trash can, though, he saw that it was nearly full of dark grey feathers. He looked at this for a moment with some surprise, then back over his shoulder thoughtfully.

He didn't wake Hawk, though, and was surprised to see that Hawk was still sleeping motionlessly on the couch when the daylight came creeping in the next morning. Vlad cast him a curious look on his way back towards the front door.

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