Posted June 2, 2019 at 12:00 pm

Hawk walked past a low house with a neon sign on the front of it, through deepening fog. The moon was full and bright enough that it shown through the thick mist. Hawk sighed deeply, breath clouding in the air.

Numair looked at his watch. "Hm," he said, and then leaned forward to look around the glass pane of the bus shelter. The street was still totally deserted. "Hm," he said again.

He inspected the schedule that was mounted on the inside of the bus shelter for a long moment. "Ah," he said, and looked around. After a pause, he left the bus stop altogether, taking a glance to each side as he crossed the empty street, barely visible in the fog.

Hawk meanwhile had ducked into a brightly-lit convenience store. He idled for a moment looking through magazines, then picked one along with a couple of other snacks. The creature behind the counter was taller than he was, pale with a stringy black mane dyed pink along its tips, and a horse's skull for a head. They exhaled a heavy, neon-pink smoke while Hawk counted out enough money for his purchase.

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