Posted June 16, 2019 at 12:00 pm

The figure blocking the stairs shifted slightly so that light fell on the side of his face, which was dark and furry with a long, rounded muzzle. As he spoke, he showed some very long and sharp teeth. "Hey, check it out," he said, as the pale thing in the water crested again, making a soft splashing sound, "it's Little Red Riding Hood."

Behind Numair there was a noise and a bloom of light as the other man changed shape, dissolving into a white creature as weasel-like as it was dragon-like. Numair didn't move, keeping his eyes forward, until a loud buzz in his ear caught his attention.

He twisted to one side just in time to mostly avoid the dragon's jaws, which snapped shut on the sleeve of his jacket and tore it free as he surged past. Immediately there was another movement in front of Numair, and he ducked backwards just in time to avoid a swipe from the other figure.

As he pitched forward again and darted past the figure, a glow caught his eye--hooked on the monster's belt loop was a coil of straps with a series of bright red lines and dots etched on them. Numair recognized them, eyes widening slightly, and as the monster hollered after him to stop, he kept running.

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