Mind the Gap - 18 (End)
Posted July 21, 2024 at 12:00 pm

"Er, well," Shinobu said, almost sheepishly, "I thought you might even be relieved."

Yoshi sat up straighter. "Relieved-?! Why would I...Shinobu!"

Shinobu avoided her eyes. "I figured, you're an adult now, and you're doing so well, and you've got these new friends, and they're giving you all the support I don't seem to know how to give. And I'm glad!" she added, but then confessed, "But I do feel that I'm rather...in the way.

"So when this opportunity came up, I thought it might be best for both of us. I thought," here she brightened, "'Well, now! THERE'S something I CAN do--"

Yoshi got up then, leaving the photo on the cushion of one of Shinobu's tails, and flung her arms around Shinobu's head, pressing her face into the fur between her eyes. Silence fell between them for a long moment while Shinobu merely let Yoshi rest against the slope of her muzzle.

Finally, Shinobu said cautiously, "...Are...are you crying again?"

This time Yoshi responded, in a muffled voice, "Yes."


Hello everyone! This is the last page of Mind the Gap, and I'm here to do my usual end-of-story housekeeping. Thank you for reading!

Firstly, the schedule for the next little bit: expect a couple little vignettes like this one for the next two weeks, and then we'll pop into another much shorter (6pg) story. Schedule after that tbd!

Next, I have added a section for other webcomics to the Extras page! I'll be adding other webcomics as time goes on--I'm hoping to do some banner exchanges to sort of make up for not having the Hiveworks jumpbar anymore, and because it's hard out there for the self-hosted webcomic these days, what with social media imploding. The first entry is Into the Smoke by Bob:

"Spirit medium Blaze is a disaster at life but an expert at death. As a self-proclaimed spirit therapist, he’s never lost a soul to the smoke. But when he discovers Alastor, the vengeful ghost of a murdered hitman, he’s forced to bind the ghost to his own soul to keep him from killing again. As he unravels the conspiracy behind Alastor’s death, he learns Alastor isn’t the only one looking for a new victim."

Please check it out!

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That should wrap things up. Thanks again for reading, and see you next week!

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